Poly Network Hacker

A few weeks ago, millions of dollars in tokens disappeared from the Poly Network platform. Although from the beginning, the course of the stolen cryptocurrencies was accurately tracked, it seemed that the hacker wanted a little more attention than the reward regularly offered in these cases.

After the theft, Poly Network acknowledged that it had a major failure that made its network vulnerable and dedicated itself to finding the cybercriminal, not only to recover the money back again also but to dig deep into it and get to know about what the exact issue of the platform was and for this particular deed, he was offered a job by them.

Despite this, and the fact that the hacker in question had said that he did not do this robbery for money, Poly Network offered him a reward of $ 500,000 in reward. However, it is important to note that before the offer of the reward was presented to him, the hacker had already announced that all he wanted to do was play a little and have some fun while learningAlso, on the first day of the theft, the addresses to which the files were transferred were immediately notified, and the affected blockchain miners and crypto exchanges were asked to put all the tokens that come from the addresses used by the cybercriminal; on a “black list.”

Some of the money was blocked the same day, but there was at least $ 200 million blocked in an account that would require a password from the hacker and another from the Poly Network, so they had to work together, ultimately. Poly Network began by calling the hacker “White hat” to let him know that he trusted his “ethics” and begged him to supply the key. At that moment, the “white hat” said that he would do it when everyone was ready. 

And he declined the reward offered.

He finally said that he was “considering accepting the bounty as a bonus for public hackers if they can hack into the Poly Network.” For its part, Poly Network said its plan was to implement a system update to make it more secure so that an attack of this size will not be repeated. He waited long enough in order to receive all the money that was to be returned.

He also established a rewards program so that consultants and programmers can discover other security flaws and let you know. The hacker not only received a reward from him but also got a great job offer to become the security advisor for the Poly Network company. He has not yet made it known if he will accept her. Surely nothing obtained by the hacker between a reward and a job offer will be worth more than the money recovered by the cryptocurrency platform; more than $ 600 million, the largest amount of money ever stolen in crypto assets.