The US President Joe Biden ordered the State Department to deal with the Cuba issue, mainly requesting an exhaustive review of his government’s policy regarding remittances to Cuba, in addition to reviewing the possibility of sending more personnel to the United States embassy in Havana. Although the alleged measures have not been officially announced, the information was provided by a senior government official. However, it is known that since President Biden began his presidential term in January 2021, the issue of Cuba and the position that the United States will establish with respect to the island is pending.

Biden, since his candidacy, promised on several occasions to reverse some of the state policies against the Cuban government, although the issue had not been taken up until now. However, after almost 90 days of coming to power, the government’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, hinted in a statement that “for the moment it was not a priority issue” to put the issue of Cuba on the presidential agenda. But now, the government would be carefully reviewing the changes made by the previous administration, which is that of Donald Trump.

Subsequently, political leaders and civilian groups, both Democrats and Republicans, asked President Joe Biden through a letter to re-establish the sending of remittances to Cuba, highlighting that its prohibition does not punish the Cuban government but the inhabitants of the island, asphyxiated and financially limited. It is an issue that until now had not been mentioned since the election campaign and is now probably on the table again, driven by the protests on the Caribbean island. Protests against scarcity, repression, and lack of freedom are the first open demonstrations in Cuba against the government of Cuba, which was never seen before in the last 60 years.

Then the Biden government openly expressed its willingness to support the Cuban people and to make the government of Cuba offer a real report on the situation inside the island. For his part, Cuban President Miguel DíazCanel insists on his accusations against the US government of orchestrating the numerous protests that have been taking place throughout the island for a week now. In addition to the issue of remittances and the US embassy in Havana, the Biden administration also seems to be able to collaborate with internet access throughout the island. Until now, the only means of communication for Cubans has been social networks. Some US legislators interested in the Cuban issue have urged President Biden to even offer satellite internet for the island.

On humanitarian assistance, Joe Biden’s administration wants to start with his embassy in Cuban territory and the return of US personnel. Absent since 2017 when, regardless of the new policies applied at the time by the Donald Trump administration, US personnel at the Havana embassy were removed after suffering strange brain injuries suffered by diplomats. For security reasons, all US embassy personnel were removed from the island. Since then, Cuba has re-entered the list of “States promoting terrorism” for the United States, for which reason, in addition to suspending its diplomatic personnel, the ties of all US remittance companies with Cuban remittance companies related to military or military funds have been scrapped.  In favor of the Cuban people, some things have begun to change since they began their protests in the streets, within the island, in addition to the fact that Biden once again put the issue of Cuba on his agenda and the possible acceleration of some things such as remittances. On the part of the Cuban government, since Monday, restrictions on the importation of food and medicine to the island have been eliminated. It should be noted that the little that President Biden has named the subject of Cuba has suggested that “it is a complicated issue,” and the actions that can be taken in this regard are delicate to decide lightly.

ByAshish G

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