Apple Employees Threaten To Leave As the Company Hardens Regulation on Remote Work Flexibility

Apple employees have denounced that the company is not complying with its hybrid work model plans and that it has even refused to respect the right to telework, including a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Work Act.

For Apple employees, regulations regarding telecommuting policies are very strict. Last June, Apple announced a new hybrid work schedule for employees to begin returning to physical offices three days a week from September. After this, the employees requested more flexibility, arguing that working from home brought them benefits, a suitable balance between personal and work life, the flexibility of location, among other advantages.

The employees’ request was denied through a video of the directive that was sent to all employees, in which the main message was that part of the achievement that Apple has acquired is due to the work “in person” that they do as a team. Among other things, that is one of the reasons why the co-founder of the Apple Corporation, Steve Jobs, founded Apple Park at the headquarters to provoke meetings between employees.

Meanwhile, with this demand to return to Apple’s offices, starting in September, employees feel that they deny some of the exceptions to the rule that were previously allowed, for example, for the disabled. Previously, employees with a disability had certain privileges covered by the US Labour Law; however, now the conditions are that they will be allowed to stay home as long as they “release their medical records to the company.” This is a condition that somehow invades the individual privacy of employees.

In this regard, many have warned that what they have been left as an option is to resign and lose their job. But another group is debating whether to respond with legal action to this hybrid employment policy.

Through a letter in the month of June, several employees have informed that all the policies put forth by Apple has already forced many of their colleagues and trustful professional individuals to give up their job. They have brought the fact to light that without the prevalence of the flexible working alternatives, most of them have felt that they either have to choose their family, their well being and their empowerment to achieve mental stability or choose to live up to their job and be a part of Apple.  All of these arguments were discussed in a forum on the Slack workspace channel. Many argued that it was logical that if you wanted to stay home working, you should have a justification and also show it. There was also talk about the risk to which Apple’s “secret” projects are exposed when being discussed by a Zoom channel and not in person, in an office behind closed doors.

ByMahendra D

Jul 21, 2021