Netflix Is All Set To Venture into the Gaming Sector

The online streaming giant Netflix not only thinks about making better original productions for offering them to its consumers but now, it seeks to expand its offer more to the field of video games, a niche in which, until now, it has not covered. 

According to the Fox network, for this, Netflix announced the incorporation of Mike Verdu, who from now on will be its vice president of game development. Verdu was most recently the Vice President of Facebook Content for Facebook Reality Labs.

Verdu became a founder with his own defense software company at the tender age of just twenty. After successfully venturing into it, he later sold it in order to shift his team in the niche video games in the year 1990. He has been in the same line ever since, continuing to work for big platforms like Atari, Electronic Arts, Kabam, along with other stalwart developers. 

Mike Verdu also supervised a virtual reality game studio and teams that brought games and other applications to his Oculus VR headset. Additionally, he was the head of mobile games at EA and held leadership positions at various game developers. 

Fox reported that Mike Verdu’s other functions of the new executive would be to report his progress and activities to Netflix’s director of operations and director of product, Greg Peters. The streaming service plans to add games next year, according to the report.

It has been known for a long that Netflix has been targetting the arena of gaming for years. The company even tried to make interactive content with some movies like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which allowed the viewer who was holding a remote control or a game controller to make decisions for the protagonist.

Last April, Netflix announced that it had seen 24% year-over-year revenue growth to $ 7.16 billion in its first-quarter earnings report. However, the company did not reach its projection of 6 million new subscribers, with only 4 million in the quarter. Probably, with the arrival of more competitors, Netflix seeks to expand its business and offer model so that it does not lose subscribers and with them, not only retain the ones it already has, but also attract new audiences, which are very interested in video games, especially those under 26 years of age.

It is most likely that the company will surprise this audience niche next year; for now, Mike Verdu will have to finalize the project, which is expected to be of high quality, as the series produced by the streaming firm.