Amazon Looks To Hire Over 100,000 US Military Spouses and Veterans Till 2024

In a recent development, Amazon announced that in the next two and a half years, it would hire at least 100,000 veterans and military spouses. With their official statement, the online retail company seeks to hire some 84,000 veterans and 16,000 military spouses by 2024. This announcement comes a week after Andy Jassy takes over as the new CEO of the company, who in his new management seeks to remove the bad image of Amazon on various complaints from employees about mistreatment and wrongful dismissal.

The director of global military affairs for Amazon, John Quintas, in an interview with Fox, said that many of the veterans he has spoken to date have raised their hands and invested their all in defending the constitution. However, after their service period, they have to leave the service, after which most do not know what to do.

In the interview, the executive stated that former military personnel is highly intrigued by the idea that they could possibly play a role that has the potential of having a real value in the long term, and hence the company’s goal is to be inclusive in hiring employees by considering diverse population segments. According to Amazon, the company has hired more people over the past decade than any other American company, initially pledging to hire 25,000 veterans over five years in 2016, and has since surpassed that target. The company currently employs some 40,000 military veterans or spouses who work in a variety of jobs for the company, from the Operations and Supply Chain side to its cloud computing subsidiary, Amazon Web Services.

For now, Amazon has 35,000 available jobs right now that are available to veterans, who are being offered a starting minimum wage of $15 an hour, including all the benefits. Military-specific benefits for veterans and military spouses at Amazon include access to a technical apprenticeship program that helps veterans venture into new career opportunities at Amazon.

In this regard, the company reported that mentoring and support programs are provided for military spouses, as well as a community service member network called Warriors at Amazon. All this is done for veterans to have better incorporation into working life.

According to a survey of 5,000 American veterans who work for companies with more than 1,000 employees, Amazon was ranked 91st out of 150 companies on Forbes’ 2020 list of the best employers for American veterans. According to another study, the top five companies on Forbes’ list were Harbour Freight Tools, North-eastern University, Procter & Gamble, Fidelity Investments, and Booz Allen Hamilton.