Virgin Galactic Initiates the Process of Space Travelling

The renowned businessman Richard Branson became the first tourist to travel outside of Earth through his company Virgin Galactic. Branson officially managed to put his name in the history of space exploration around the world and open the opportunity for civilians to undertake these types of adventures which seemed distant a few years ago. 

By means of Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity flight bound for the space border with Earth, Richard Branson’s flight took off from Spaceport America, which is located in New Mexico, United States, around 08:40. Through Twitter, the billionaire businessman gave an account of his adventure, which has displaced Jeff Bezos, who, like Richard Branson, plans to go into space with a crew of several people, breaking all existing paradigms about space exploration.

Last May, Virgin Galactic successfully made its first space trip, proving that it can be a company with scope for the development of the business model for space tourism around the world. For many months, various tycoons have shown their interest in doing this type of travel, not only Bezos and Branson but also the leader and founder of Tesla Elon Musk, who also has his own company SpaceX, which develops infrastructure for space travel.

According to information released by the Virgin Galactic leader, the spacecraft flew an hour to the 15 kilometers altitude before releasing the space plane that carried Branson and the crew out of the Earth’s atmosphere. Despite the enormous distance traveled, the businessman’s trip did not last long, as it was reported that they were only in orbit for a few minutes, and then they began to return to the same point of departure and at 9:38 am, the VSS Unity landed. Although he was only for a few minutes outside the earth, Richard Branson has already immortalized himself as the first civilian to make this type of travel, since previously this type of travel has been made by the space agencies of the Russian and American governments. Next week, Jeff Bezos, who this week stopped, Amazon, will be the second civilian to make a trip by means of a ship of his company Blue Origin. In Bezos’s adventure, there will be several citizens who paid large sums of money to go to orbit. The businessman’s journey was broadcast in its entirety on Virgin Galactic’s official YouTube channel, where every detail of what happened could be appreciated.