Subway Signs Stalwart Sports persons for Promotion of Its New Menu Revival

A few days ago, Subway announced that it is renewing its menu in order to attract consumers in the context of the massive opening of restaurants after the pause of the global economy economic activities in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Subway executives are aware that a large advertising campaign needs to be launched to position the new culinary offering that sandwich fans will be able to enjoy in the near future. In this sense, the company announced that for this purpose, one of the largest investments in the history of the firm would be made to hire the services of celebrities from the world of sports for the positioning campaign.

Thus, it will soon be possible to see, for example, former NBA star Charles Barkley as a spokesman for the sandwich chain. As if that weren’t enough, the company’s ads will feature seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady as well. According to Subway, the multi-champion of the tennis Grand Slam Serena Williams, as well as the world soccer champion Megan Rapinoe with the United States National Team and the symbol of the Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry will be part of the communication strategy of the company.

Lin a press release, Subway explained that its new release “Eat Fresh Refresh” celebrates the most important changes in Subway’s history, including improvements to almost every major menu item. In addition, it was announced that the brand would provide a better digital and restaurant experience to ensure that day-to-day consumers will have better food options every day, having the best ingredients.Subway described its new marketing campaign as “the first never-ending television commercial,” with commercials featuring new spokespeople who are famous sports stars. In addition to this, there will be strong content on the firm’s digital platforms. In the press release, Subway’s chief marketing officer, Carrie Walsh, noted that the company’s campaign of The Subway Eat Fresh Refresh is going to bring life the company’s lost status. With the current trend, Subway is introducing a number of new items on the menu card, which is going to be a significant moment, tracing its brand new transformation.Carrie Walsh added that “a creative idea was launched with a supporting cast of the biggest names in the sport to share all the great changes that are happening at Subway, in a story that continues in multiple places and formats.”The executive showed that this movement of the brand is a “reflection of the endorsement of one of the largest investments in media in the history of the brand. This is the most innovative campaign and media strategy he saw”.