Democrats Approve a 3.5 Trillion Investment Plan for Healthcare and Social Security

Democratic legislators seek to honor the word of President Joe Biden to achieve a social welfare state is paved, based on basic axis such as strengthening the health system, as well as expanding the benefits of social security.

In this sense, the Democratic senators, who are members of the Budget Committee, announced that they had reached an agreement for an economic package of $ 3.5 billion dollars that will serve to increase Medicare insurance and finance social assistance programs, and combat climate change. 

Aware that the Republicans will refuse to support the social package they are promoting, the Democrats will bet on budget conciliation to guarantee that this is possible because, through this simple majority voting strategy, the ruling party legislators would win without problems from the opponents.

Yesterday, Senator and Democratic Leader in the Upper House, Chuck Schumer, said publicly that 50 Democratic senators, who represent a simple majority, are expected to pass the issue unanimously to make the health and social security budget a reality. 

Schumer expressed that his bench feels extremely happy and proud to carry out this plan but warned that the Democrats have a long way to go. He also added that they are going to do this for the sake of average Americans, to make their lives a bit better. 

Because of how everything is being built, the agreement will include an expansion of Medicare, which, among other things, will be endowed with new benefits such as dental, eye, and hearing services. This will benefit millions of Americans who have less.

In addition to this, the Democratic agenda aims to provide significant funds to detonate clean energy, that’s why the Senate leader considered that this plan would be one of the most rapid and impactful changes which have been planned and implemented to help American families for generations. 

According to how this proposal endorsed by the White House was designed, tax increase will be prohibited for people who earn less than $ 400,000 annually and small businesses. In contrast, the ruling party must find the necessary mechanisms to be able to finance this social package, which is why it will seek to make the tax hike a reality for the richest and large companies that operate in the country since they are considered not to pay fair taxes.

The corporate and wealthy tax hikes will be a true parliamentary battle, as the entire Republican caucus has refused to levy tax rates for this sector of society. There are even some Democrats who do not look favorably on taxing the wealthy more.