IRS Backlog Is Overflowed With 35 Million Returns

It has not been an easy year for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with the large number of commitments derived from the distribution of stimulus checks, millions of tax return processing and, now, the distribution of the Tax Credit checks for children, make refunds late to millions of taxpayers across the country.

The lack of personnel, of sufficient budget, and that many employees continue to work remotely put the IRS against the wall because far from the workload being lessened, it is on the rise since the federal agency must meet the needs of millions of Americans who are still defenseless and heavily dependent on federal agency work.

Despite the fact that the federal tax body has neither stopped distributing the stimulus checks since March to date, nor has it stopped distributing refunds, which are millions, the arrears for those who have not received them have to do with the processing of tax returns, which have been accumulated from other seasons to date.

Publicly, the IRS reported that its pending portfolio includes 16.8 million returns on paper that have not been attended, about 15.8 million returns that require additional attention, plus there are at least 2.7 million amended returns that need processing as the number of earnings is in millions.

This situation is probably not borne in mind by taxpayers who made their tax return early when the tax season began in February, since in their opinion, they should have already received their refund at this point of this year. The truth is that the reality that exists in the agency does not allow that; in many cases, it is possible.

According to official data from the same IRS, in March of this year, more than 4,400 processing positions were available. This situation causes that everything is delayed since the personnel in functions is not enough to be able to process all the information that it had. Despite this, millions of Americans hope that their repayment, little or a lot, will arrive soon.

But the reality is that millions of taxpayers must be patient because, with the distribution of the Tax Credit for Children, which is released on the first check on July 15, everything can be slowed down in the federal agency. This situation is likely to improve as Congress gives the IRS more budget so it can hire more staff to address the issue. Until now, Congress and the federal government itself have shown willingness for the agency to to have more personnel throughout the country with which they will be able to unburden the pending issues. So far, it is not known how much the increase in the budget will be, as well as how much staff can be hired or when it will begin to operate.

ByMahendra D

Jul 15, 2021