American Airlines Cancelled Flight to Bahamas As Teens Refused To Wear Masks

A group of 30 teenagers caused chaos at the North Carolina airport by delaying a flight to the Bahamas for a day since the minors had refused to wear face masks, according to information released by local media. The incident occurred in a context of recovery of commercial aeronautics throughout the country, where even airline associations asserted that the second half of the year could be very positive for all companies. But what happened is undoubtedly a serious blow to the business.

American Airlines Flight 893 was the one affected by this group of teenagers. According to available information, the passengers on the flight, which departed from Charlotte Douglas Airport to Nassau, first suffered a delay in their departure time due to mechanical problems. Later, when the situation was resolved, a discussion began between the crew and the group of minors, who refused to comply with the government mandate that requires the use of masks in transportation.

According to a report from the Univision network, the flight was scheduled to leave at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, but the mechanical problem made passengers to change planes, a situation that delayed everything. Despite the delay, the large group of high school teenagers, who are from Boston, refused to wear masks, according to what was released. The situation was so complicated that it was decided to postpone the flight until yesterday.

This, of course, caused passengers to show their annoyance and outrage at what happened to the teenagers. Stephanie Krzywanski told the local WSOC-TV channel that some people’s vacations are ruined. They were going for the couple of nights. Now, they have to change the reservation. Ella Krzywanski further added in a local television program that everyone has to follow the rules. Nobody likes it. Nobody wants to sit down and do this, but you have to follow the rules. 

For his part, Malik Banks, another passenger, who was sitting next to the group, said that it was wrong. Firstly, they were screaming. They were cursing, and then they were very unpleasant.  The victim commented that the experience was in bad taste, but, at the same time, he accepted that it was not all of them. He said that it was between 75% and 80% of them who behaved like horrible children and said insolent things to the flight attendees. So far, American Airlines has not disclosed what the economic impact of what happened has been for the company, nor is it disclosing how the airline compensated those affected since passengers lost a reservation day.