Hertz charged its Customer a Cleaning Fee For The Protection She Had Found Inside A Rental Card

Hertz, the car rental company, charged a woman a cleaning fee for irresponsibility committed by someone else. Faith Cenobio, from Utah, was visiting her family in Georgia when on May 12, she picked up her Toyota Corolla at the local Hertz branch; however, the problems with the rental of the vehicle began immediately as the gas tank was not full and the car was dirty.

The representative took note when verifying that the fuel tank was almost empty. Cenobio observed that the car had not been vacuumed, despite the fact that the company’s vehicles allegedly claim in their advertising that they are extremely disinfected in a cleaning process that contains 15 points.

The situation at the time was like take it or leave it for Cenobio, as explained to the Los Angeles Times. On the same night, she and her seven-year-old niece went to dinner. However, the situation worsened after the unpleasant discovery that her niece made right after dinner.

When they had been on the road for more than 5 minutes, Cenobio’s niece asked her about a plastic thing that was on the floor of the car as she didn’t know what it was. When they stopped, Cenobio helped her niece out of it and took a look at what the girl had found. To her surprise, she found that it was protection full of semen. 

She immediately called Hertz and spoke to a representative who, she said, was not very friendly. She described how the company didn’t offer any apology until a manager told her the car had been cleaned and offered a $ 100 credit towards her next rental.

A few days later, just before taking the flight back, the inevitable happened, and Hertz emailed her a receipt with a $ 75 cleaning fee. A representative from the car rental company simply said that cleanliness standards were not met in the Cenobio case. 

In May, the company was filed for bankruptcy after lay off 12,000 workers in March 2020 and announcing it had a debt of more than $ 19 billion. Car rental companies are heavily reliant on travel, and last year with vacations and business trips canceled, the demand for car rentals took a nosedive.

 If one is about to rent a car at Hertz, he/she should take the necessary precautions taking a lesson from the case of Cenobio or that of a man who was charged a fee by the company for smoking inside the vehicle despite the fact that he had not smoked in more than 20 years.


ByMahendra D

Jul 9, 2021 ,