Subway enhances Its Menu and Mobile Application to Lure Customers

With the reopening of the restaurant sector, various companies throughout the United States are implementing strategies that allow customers to return quickly and massively to their establishments or, in any case, if they prefer to order the products through mobile applications.

Undoubtedly, one of the restaurants that seek to regain consumer liking and roots after the pandemic is Subway, which hopes that the strategies it is implementing with the update of its ingredients and its mobile application will help customers eat sandwiches.

A few hours ago, the famous sandwich restaurant chain announced that starting July 13, the company’s American establishments will offer almost a dozen new or improved ingredients, as well as ten renovated or original sandwiches.

Trevor Haynes, director of Subway’s North American division, stated publicly that the firm is clear that it must seek the necessary tools for customers to continue consuming the brand’s products, so they are making some of the bold changes in decades.

With the reopening of the economy after the pandemic, competition in the restaurant sector, especially that of the large chains, implies a huge challenge for the executives who run them, since after a crisis  when the market is more disputed. After several years of operation, those who run Subway are clear about how to face adversity; in the conditions of the 2008 financial crisis, the firm positioned its $ 5 sandwich, which drove a massive expansion and positioned the brand as the largest of the United States in this sector.

But after 13 years of that feat, there are new rivals vying for the restaurant market that have launched promotions and variety on the menus, including Chipotle and Potbelly, who attracted consumers in a notorious way, impacting on an all-out battle for customers.

According to CNBC, Doctor’s Associate’s company that operates Subway reported that in 2020 they had revenues of $ 689.1 million dollars, 28% less than the net sales of $ 958.9 million dollars of 2019, according to the disclosure documents of the franchise. The drop in sales, since before the pandemic, has meant that the sandwich chain has also been reducing its presence of establishments since 2016. According to the company’s official figures in 2020, they only had 22,201 restaurants throughout the United States.

For this reason, executives are launching a new variety of ingredients and sandwiches in order for fans of this type of food to once again have a close bond with the brand and thus reposition themselves in the national restaurant market.