The Hispanic man arrested for possession of fireworks that were later detonated by the Los Angeles Police Department, injuring 17 people, has been arrested by federal authorities for trafficking a massive amount of illegal fireworks. Arturo Ceja III was arrested on June 30 by the LAPD to confiscate more than 5,000 pounds of fireworks at his home located on 27th Street in south-central Los Angeles. Still, he was released the following day by posting a bond of 500,000 dollars.

However, Ceja was arrested this Saturday afternoon by special agents with federal charges for transporting tons of explosives that he bought in Nevada without having a license to do so, including dangerous homemade devices that were detonated by the police in the aforementioned incident.

The US Department of Justice said in a statement that Ceja would remain in custody until he appears on July 6 in district court in Los Angeles. The authorities said that on the day of the LAPD operation in Ceja’s house, it was reported that there were 5,000 pounds of pyrotechnics in about 500 cardboard boxes, but that this Saturday, the agents of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Weapons and Explosives Agency (ATF ) determined that Ceja had stored approximately 32,000 pounds (about 15 tons) of fireworks in his backyard.

The criminal complaint filed against the 28-year-old man alleges that he made several trips to Nevada in late June to buy different types of explosives that he later transported to his home in a rented van. The criminal file read that most of the sealed explosives were recollected from Area 51, which is a fireworks business in Pahrump in Nevada. The criminal complaint indicates that fireworks in California can be sold for up to four times the price paid for them in Nevada. 

The fireworks were stored outside the home and in an unsafe manner: under unsafe tents, and next to cooking grills, the statement added. The charge for transporting explosives without a license carries a maximum statutory sentence of 10 years in federal prison.  A US attorney’s office made it clear to the public that during the destruction caused by the rupture of the devices, the entire bunch of TCV exploded, which ultimately causing a massive blast. The severe radius that the blast incorporated damaged several homes of the neighborhood that led to an injury of a total of 17, which had both law enforcement personnel and civilians.