Jeff Bezos Resign as the CEO of Amazon

After leading Amazon for 27 uninterrupted years, Jeff Bezos left his position as CEO of the company he founded in 1994, which is Amazon. A few months ago, the most important retail company in the world announced that the change of post would take place in the early hours of July 5th and as the date arrived, he stepped down.

Although Bezos does not leave the company, his new role will be as a new project advisor. From now on, he will not make the fundamental decisions for the company. Following up Bezos’ position, Andy Jassy will be in charge of driving the future of the e-commerce giant. Although Jassy is not part of the founders of the company, he has a clear idea of ​​what the labor and administrative structure is like. The new CEO came to Amazon in 1997, when the company had not yet become the sales monster that it is now. Back then, Amazon only sold books online.

Although Andy Jassy came to the firm as part of the marketing department, he managed to gain the trust of Jeff Bezos and was soon appointed to be his personal technical assistant. Since then, they have achieved a very close synergy of work with which they have succeeded for many years. The new boss of the company is challenged to maintain the sales numbers they have achieved. In February, the firm announced that it had exceeded $ 100 billion in quarterly sales for the first time, a figure that is not less and that denotes the impact Amazon has on the market.

Perhaps the challenge for Jassy is not easy; however, he has already demonstrated a great capacity for the company to be at the technological forefront since he took charge of the Amazon Web Services area. This part of the company is the largest cloud services platform today.

The growth of Amazon Web Services has allowed businesses to close with firms such as Adobe, Spotify, Netflix, Roku. Moreover, in the client portfolio, there are media such as The Washington Post, WNYC, The Philadelphia Inquirer, as well as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Democratic National Committee.

Jeff Bezos probably considered that it was important for someone with the capacity of Andy Jassy to replace him in the position since he is clear that from now on, the new CEO will have to face various challenges such as facing the investigations of the United States government concurrently due to the monopoly allegations put against the company. 

In addition to that, the new leader will face pressure from congressmen who urges them to focus on being a company that must take better care of the corporate. Internally in the company, several employees have routinely registered complaints, most frequently related to the working conditions, and in relation to such claims, have collaborated with concerns in order to consider posing of mass organizing. This will also be one of the challenges that the new CEO, Andy Jassy, will have to take care of.