US Airlines Will Have To Refund Money for Late Luggage Arrival

The United States government, through the White House, reported that it seeks to force commercial airlines operating in the country to return the extra charge that they demand from passengers for surplus luggage if they fail to carry them on time to the concerned destination. According to the White House, President Joe Biden’s intention, with this and other measures, is to protect consumers and also promote fair competition within the commercial aviation industry.

Under the prolonged regulations of the U.S. Transportation Department, passengers can only claim a refund fee if their bags are being lost by the concerned airline authorities but not in the case of a delay. With the development of a press conference by Joe Biden’s economic advisor, Brain Deese, all the rules will strategically ensure the fact that if any passenger is paying for the luggage, they must receive the amount of money back if, in any case, the suitcase fails to arrive on time.

According to EFE, it is not only intended that this applies to things related to luggage, because according to the presidential advisor, if a passenger pays for a service such as Wi-Fi and it does not work, but he/she should also quickly receive that money back. The economic advisor went onto explain that these two particular measures are going to be a part of the same package that Joe Biden looks to bring to light soon. It will be sent to the Department of Transportation for the implementation of the same with the ultimate intent of promoting greater competition in the business along with reducing the price range for passengers.

According to the information disseminated, the government package will also include the obligation to inform in a transparent and advanced way the baggage and cancellation cost so that consumers clearly understand the rates and what they are really paying for. This announcement is made within the framework of the increasingly notorious opening of commercial travel in all airports in the country.  

In 2020, with the advent of the global covid-19 pandemic, airlines had to stop their operations, severely affecting their finances. With the arrival of summer, the number of flights will be greater, and there may be saturation, so it is possible that many passengers will be affected by the issue of luggage delay, which is why the government is already taking the necessary measures to avoid consumer abuse. Unlike the previous year, airlines are slowly recovering from the economic downturn they experienced last year, so the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported fewer losses in the first quarter compared to the rate of consumption in the same period of 2020.

ByMahendra D

Jul 7, 2021 ,