The retail giant Walmart launched low-cost insulin on the market on Wednesday through its private brand ReliOn. According to the store, users will save up to 75% if we compare it with the same product but from other brands.

The new insulin is called NovoLog, a product that worked directly with the manufacturer Novo Nordisk. Walmart says that the low price does not compromise the quality of the product at all. These are insulin vials priced at $ 72.88 and a Flexpen priced at $ 85.88. The Walmart store talks about savings that will be between 100 to 251 dollars.

The medical costs of a diabetic person are high when we talk about almost $ 10,000 dollars per person per year, with no added complications. In this regard, the American Diabetes Association affirmed that all affordable solutions that have this initiative, such as that of Walmart stores, are most welcome to work and carry it forward. Rapid-acting insulin analog is used to control hyperglycemia in adults and children with diabetes. It is important to note that if one needs to buy this product, they will need to have a prescription. 

In the United States, it is said that 10% of the population suffers from diabetes, which means that the number is more than 30 million people, and the costs of drugs and treatments for patients with diabetes have increased by as much as 50% in the last few years. Such an increase should only be tried to be corrected, in the face of congressmen’s interventions, with programs of reduced prices but that, in reality, are quite limited for the audience of this terrible disease.

Walmart is one of the largest food retail stores in the United States and has been trying to boost the health area in its stores for some time. So far, it has opened 20 clinics in its stores that provide relatively inexpensive medical care to the concerned populace. We are talking about costs below $ 50, such as an annual check-up for $ 30 and dental cleaning for $ 25.  Last May, it acquired a telehealth company named MeMD, in addition to opening what they call a “prescription program” that consists of a monthly supply of generic drugs for just $ 4. Walmart’s new low-cost insulin, NovoLog, will begin shipping at all retail store pharmacies now and within a month will be at Sam’s Club, an American exclusive members-only chain operated by Walmart.

ByMahendra D

Jul 5, 2021 , ,