A Requirement of $15 Million Needed To Repair Collapsed Building In Surfside

All the condo flat owners in the South Florida building, which had collapsed last week, have been facing appraisals for $ 15 million in repairs, with payments set to begin a week after the building collapsed in Surfside. The condo association of the Champlain Towers South has approved a sum of $ 15 million appraisals in the month of April in order to do away and complete the repairs necessary under the county’s scheme of the 40-year recerting process, as has been described by documents accumulated by CNN.

The documents put forth an idea on how more than two years after the members of the association received a report of “major structural damage” to the building; they began the assessment process to pay for the required repairs.

Homeowners would have to pay appraisals that ranged from a sum of $ 80,190 for a one-bedroom condo to $ 336,135 and for the four-bedroom penthouse of the owner of the building, as has been highlighted by a document sent to pre-existing residents of the building. The deadline to pay an advance sum was set for July 1st. The buyers also had the option to choose a payment method that would work on a 15-year monthly payment basis. A list of detailed and planned repairs came out, including brand new pavers, planters, and waterproofing, which address some of the issues noted in a 2018 engineers report, which warned how water leaks were causing the concrete to deteriorate. The most expensive project was façade, balcony, and railing repairs for $ 3.4 million.

The 2018 report, which was specially prepared by the condo association, had previously estimated that the urgent and necessary repairs of the Florida building, Surfside, would most likely put forth an expenditure of about $ 9.1 million. However, till today’s date, there has been no clarity on whether the graving issues identified by Frank Morabito, the structural engineer who went forward with producing the report, contributed to the disaster. 

In a letter sent to homeowners in April, the president of the condo association, Jean Wodnicki, described the progression of deterioration in the building, saying that observable damage, such as in the garage, has worsened significantly since the inspection. The large $ 15 million repair project was a nasty surprise to some owners of the building’s 136 units.

“We struggled with that, and everything,” Isabel Agüero, owner of a condo that is located on the building’s 11th floor, told CNN. She said she thought most of the item lines seemed to be more intended for cosmetic improvements than structural fixes to the building, such as $ 722,000 for hallway and public area renovations.  Agüero and her husband had chosen to move forward with the monthly payment system. To initiate it, they submitted the documentation on June 23th, 2021, in order to let the association begin adding $ 593 to their homeowner’s fees, as they said. Next early morning, the building started to suddenly collapse into ruins. The condo was bought by the couple in 2019 in order to live there after retirement but said they hadn’t spent a lot of time in it, as its renovations and furniture deliveries were delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.