Amazon Employees Denounce On Getting Fired By Software Algorithms

Amazon is one of the most profitable companies globally as each year they grow exponentially in the world of online retail. However, at the same time, the famous company founded by Jeff Bezos faces all kinds of scandals that have affected its reputation; in particular for allegations of mistreatment with employees.This situation puts the firm in the eye of the hurricane again. A few hours ago, a group of collaborators made their displeasure in public since they point out that they were fired after receiving an automated email. According to the protesters, the algorithms decided they weren’t doing their job correctly and removed them.

According to a Bloomberg report, Stephen Normandin, affected, indicated that there is a fear that automation will kill their jobs since it usually refers to the use of intelligent machines and systems with a performance superior to that of people, but not to literal fear that a machine will fire us. According to testimony, there is widespread fear in a section of Amazon’s workforce of being laid off, especially because systems that monitor employee performance interpret workforce performance differently from human performance. Stephen Normandin, who was a deliveryman, pointed out that Amazon punished him for situations beyond his control, exemplifying that he could not deliver a package because the apartment complex was closed. But for Amazon systems, this type of eventuality does not matter, so not delivering a package represents a fault, and according to the criteria of the system, the culprit is the delivery person.

The way in which Amazon is structured and the number of requests for orders makes it one of the companies that have opted for the automation of various processes, in which it makes use of intelligent robots that circulate through its warehouses, moving packages and ordering quickly and accurately.

But the use of artificial intelligence is not exclusive to the areas of operation to speed up the delivery of packages, the use of these systems is also being implemented in the areas of human resources, with the use of programs to manage workers both in centers of distribution as in deliveries, as well as in offices.The technological measure that is being implemented has to do with the vision that the CEO of the brand still has, Jeff Bezos, who has repeatedly said that machines can make decisions quickly and precisely than people, and this strategy affects reducing costs in human resources. According to Bloomberg, after what happened to those who were fired became known, Amazon assured that they are isolated events and do not represent what happens daily in the company, so it dismissed the allegations of the people who were fired from their positions.

ByMahendra D

Jul 1, 2021 ,