Latino Businessman Alleged Of Gold Trafficking From South America To Florida

The owner of the transportation company Transvalue, based in South Florida, Jesús Gabriel Rodríguez Jr., was accused of being part of a millionaire plot that illegally entered gold from South America to the United States. According to a Miami Herald report, Rodríguez Jr. faces an accusation for being part of an international smuggling plot in which it is estimated that he moved 140 million dollars in gold, for which he used the firm Transvalue INC, founded in 1992 in Miami. The indictment indicates that between March 2015 and September 2016, the network imported thousands of kilos of gold of illicit origin that was transferred to the United States from Curaçao, an island that does not have mines where they extracted the gold.

The federal prosecutor Walter Norkin for the southern district of Florida reported that the gold was illegally extracted, possibly its origin is from Colombia, Venezuela, or Peru, to later be entered with a bunch of false documents right through the Miami airport. The gold buyers who were involved in the case had been operating from Latin America and South Florida. It was reported that those involved charged commissions when acquiring the metal for NTR Metals, a company also based in Miami, where it has a small refinery, and whose three main intermediaries are in prison after pleading guilty in 2017 for laundering $ 3.6 billion dollars.

According to a report by EFE, the parent company of NTR Metals was elemental, based in Dallas, Texas, and after pleading guilty to not monitoring an anti-money laundering program, it paid a fine of $ 15,000,000 to the United States Government. The complaint reveals that the gold shipments traveled through different countries before reaching their final destination in Miami, at whose airport documentation was presented falsely indicating that the origin of the alleged stolen gold was found in the Cayman Islands. Subsequently, Rodríguez Jr. used his own company’s armored trucks in order to transport the smuggled gold stock from the Miami airport to the NTR Metals refinery. Official reports indicate that Rodríguez Jr. is likely to undergo his first appearance for trial in federal court in Miami this week. The Transvalue firm was highlighted in the headlines back in 2015 after one of its armored vans became the victim of a fatal armed robbery on a highway in North Carolina. The three assailants, all of them later arrested, stole ten gold bars, valued at $ 5,000,000 dollars. The FBI was only able to recover one bar of gold, while the other nine were melted down and sold to buyers in commercial premises in downtown Miami as for the sale of jewelry.