In 2017, Donald Trump, then U.S. President, signed Executive Order 13767, directing the U.S. government to construct a wall between the U.S. and Mexico border using money received through federal funding. Throughout his election campaign, Donal Trump called for the building of the wall, which eventually came to be referred to as the “Trump Wall” or “The Wall.” His administration was able to complete about 450 miles of the border wall. It has been reported by the present administration that for some places, the expenditure of construction even reached $46 Million per mile.

President Joe Biden issued a directive suspending the construction of the wall as one of the first acts after coming to office. He redirected all the border wall money towards deferred defense construction projects instead. They recently announced that $2.2 Billion would be returned back to Defence Department Funds in Pentagon, which was before directed by the former president towards constructing a border wall.

The Biden administration stated that the unspent balance of a total of $ 3.6 Billion that was going to be used to build the wall will now be used for 66 defense projects that were decided previously and would be located within 11 states, three territories, and 16 countries. They are set to build a school for U.S. military children in Germany and a missile field expansion in Alaska, and several other projects as well.

The remaining funds would be allocated towards cleaning up the construction sites of The Wall and remediate urgent life, safety, and environmental issues that happened due to the construction. This includes repairing a levee system excavated by Trump and would work towards alleviating erosion caused by abrupt and unplanned construction. DHS (Department of Homeland Security) stated that they would review all wall-led dominant actions. They added that if the land involved in the construction is not required for environmental or other remedial projects, then it will be returned back to its previous owners. 

Previously, Trump has been forced to divert the Pentagon funds towards wall construction because Congress had refused his funding requests for the project. His reallocation of funds from important defense projects caused widespread concern among the whole nation as well as international communities. Among all the projects he took funding from was the main gate at a U.S. base in Turkey widely believed to contain nuclear weapons that are vulnerable to hostile penetration by insurgents from nearby Syria. Some believe that this move by Biden is also to reallocate funds to continue that project as the Pentagon memo explaining all the funding also included $ 121 Million for “unspecified” international projects.