Instagram is bringing an all-new monetization process for all the creators and small businesses.

With the help of the photo-sharing app Instagram, various influencers have grown their online presence. The app also provides several earning sources to all digital creators. Recently, Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that the social networking platform is now making it easier for content creators and influencers to start their digital shops. The influencers can sell their products on their digital shop and list them more easily.

Mark Zuckerberg said that The Menlo Park, a California-based company, is testing a new affiliate tool these days. With the help of this tool, Instagram users will be able to get paid in exchange for product promotion. With this feature, several Instagram creators will earn a commission for selling the products they promote among their followers. Zuckerberg added that the brands themselves would decide their commission rates.

The announcement made by Facebook and Instagram is an attempt to woo creators with new monetization tools. In fact, Instagram’s shopping feature is competing with Snapchat and Tik-Tok, which are giving creators earning options. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook has pushed its e-commerce offerings and introduced a slew of new features to connect small businesses and creators to Instagram. Recently, a new Drops feature has been introduced for Instagram users, with the help of which users can shop for new products. With the help of this feature, Instagram users will be able to buy the latest or limited-release products. The new report states that users will also be given information related to upcoming products in the drops, although they will have to sign-up for that. The Drops feature has been given to users in the Shopping tab of the Instagram app.

The photo-sharing app has also brought Insights option for Reels and Instagram Live videos. With the new update, creators and businesses will be able to better understand how the content shared by them is performing on Instagram. After the update, creators and businesses will be shown a complete chart related to the reach and performance of their content. The new tools will showcase advanced metrics like Pledges, Account Reached, Likes, Comments, Saves, and Shares for Reels. Instagram may also soon give its users a new feature related to Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). With the new feature, the users will be able to send an authentication code to WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business while logging into Instagram. As of now, the users only get the option to send this code to their phone number via SMS. This option can be found on both Android and iOS platforms, and its screenshots have also surfaced.