Android users of Google Meet can finally change backgrounds while being in a video conference.

The use of video conferencing and calling platforms has increased in the last year, and it has now become a necessity for ‘work from home people. In such a situation, Google Meet is one of the most popular video conferencing services, and now it has brought a new feature for the users. Last year, the users were given the option of applying custom images to their backgrounds. Now, this feature has been improved as the users will do the same in the Android app.

While improving the existing feature, Google states that the feature to blur or replace the background has also been included in the Android app. Earlier, only desktop users could change their background during video conferencing, but now, the users will be able to add images curated by Google to their backgrounds with the Android app and are given the option of Office Spaces, Landscapes, and Abstract Photos.

With the new feature, the users will not be able to apply custom images, and they will have to choose from the already given pictures. However, in the coming times, the option of choosing personal or custom images can also be given out. In addition, the new feature of background replacement has been given only on the Android platform. The iOS users need to hold back. However, desktop users can use this feature on both Windows and Mac platforms.

Google has revealed that with the help of the new feature, the users will be able to hide the things and disturbances seen in their background. With that, their personality will look better and get an enhancement. However, this feature will not be activated automatically, and the users will have to manually turn it on and choose the preferred background image. The new feature is available starting from today and will be available to all workspaces and G-Sweet Basic or Business customers. A user will be able to update the app to the latest version from the Play Store.

The users who use Google Meet on desktop or laptop have also been given the option to put videos in the background instead of the background image. To apply the video in the background on the lines of the images, the users have to choose from the already given options. Right now, the users have been given the option of Classroom, Party, and Forest. However, Google has promised to include new pre-sets in this list with the next updates.

Google Meet is also going to get a new ‘Data Saver’ option for mobile users this month. With this feature, the users will not spend much data while making meet calls on mobile networks. Google has said that the benefit of this feature will be available in countries like Indonesia and Brazil, where users have to pay more money to get big data plans.