All major airline companies root for the US-UK travel corridor to reopen

Ahead of the meeting in Cornwall for the G7, airline companies in the US and UK have started raising their voice in favor of resuming the United States and the United Kingdom corridor, also known as the Trans-Atlantic travel Corridor for passengers to move about and to get the economy back on track with increased revenue generation. 

In a statement issued by the bosses of major international airlines, they said that it would be crucial in igniting economic recovery between the UK &the US. As the lockdown rules are reinstated, the airline industry is still facing significant losses due to the complete ban on flights from the UK to the USA. The chief officers of these airline companies have stated that these travel restrictions should also be toned down, and government should revoke its decision to ban flights because of the rate at which people all over these countries have started to vaccinate at a fast pace. As more and more people are being vaccinated, things are getting back on track, and the pandemic situation is likely to end very soon. 

The chief executive of London’s Heathrow airport said that the US and UK corridor is one of the most important networks for the global economy, and it opens up vast possibilities. He continued to state that transatlantic travel is safer than ever according to scientific data, and the delay in decision making by the government is leading to a riskier and more vulnerable economy with compromised livelihoods and their chances of growth in today’s economy. Many economic studies show the increased risk of loss of jobs and economic stability if these flight paths continue to remain closed among these developed countries. 

 Many airline bosses have expressed their dismay, as UK’s green list did not make any changes in their travel except adding Portugal to its entrusted amber list with effect from 4 AM on Tuesday. The public is already aware of the situation, and all possible precautions need to be taken, but the airlines and travel should start picking up pace. The decision to ban international travel has been a real hit to the worldwide economy and has seen many protests over the last year. It seems like the airline companies have come together as one voice to bring this issue to light and make the government restart the transatlantic corridor for passengers to move about and continue their necessary travel routine. How their voices will affect the ruling is still to be seen.