Are Cryptocurrencies better as short-term assets or long-term investments?

Cryptocurrencies have gained huge interest in the trading community. For the last seven years, with the introduction of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the mainstream cryptocurrencies developed specifically to rival the current financial institutions and pose as an alternate to regulated and centralized finances. The rise and fall in token values of cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of interest among traders and investors alike. The constant fluctuations in the crypto trade leave traders wondering whether cryptocurrencies should be handled as a short-term investment or a long-term financial asset that collectively brings unmatched profits.

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was made to facilitate a person-to-person payment without the involvement of any banking institutions to complete the transaction. This led the traders to believe that bitcoin, apart from being a good place for payments, can be held off as a digital currency and often referred to as digital gold by some market analysts. The common idea was that cryptocurrency values would hold up, regardless of the fluctuations in several of the more widely used currencies like dollars, euros, Indian Rupees, and more. From almost nil at the beginning of its journey, the value of bitcoin is soon about to cross $45,000. The interest has grown manifold as the market flourishes with many great altcoins to choose from, coming up almost daily. 

Many cryptocurrencies have increased in value significantly since their launch, but calling them to be a long-term trade interest will be a speculation, as these cryptocurrencies have increased many-fold in the recent past, have no stability, and often fall back in value. Furthermore, one can easily gain more than 500% of profits in a day or lose all your investments within the same amount of time, making trading cryptocurrencies a gamble if someone is new to this trade. 

The rise of meme cryptocurrencies in the market has also complicated the trading of cryptocurrencies is a tougher job. As these newer crypto tokens are increasing at an astonishing rate, on the other hand, they are completely unregulated and non-fungible tokens of trade, which were introduced in the market without any particular aim of being the top cryptocurrencies to trade. In contrast, several of these cryptocurrencies are registered as a joke on the cryptocurrency market depicting that anyone has the power to create a currency within the crypto market. 

Analysts and many cryptocurrency traders who have seen the cryptocurrency market rise and fall constantly for many years state that people looking for short-term or long-term investments of their hard-earned funds are better off investing in sources with little to no scope for huge losses.