Internet Computer: Days old crypto pacing its way through top 10

The cryptocurrency world never ceases to amaze the traders and the public alike. The news of a splurge in the prices of cryptocurrencies has spread like wildfire. Thus, more and more investments are being made daily. The top performers and the avid gainers in the crypto trade like Bitcoins and ethereum have seen an increase in price like never before. Not only the top cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization are being traded and mined. There are thousands of newer cryptocurrencies being registered daily, and while some are yet to see the light of the day, others like Internet Computer are already pacing their way to the top ten within mere four days of its launch.

Internet computer is a digital currency that debuted at $731 per token with a current market capitalization of close to $35 billion. Developed in Zurich, Switzerland, by a nonprofit organization Dfinity Foundation, Internet computer has already made its way in the top 10 at taking a respectable 8th place with what seems to be a constantly growing market capitalization. It runs on its internet computer protocol, which aims to invite users and traders to create and develop software or promoting publishing content without spending huge sums or associating with technology giants like Google, Facebook, or Amazon.

The goal of Internet computers is to create a secure network of hosts that creates a much more accessible form of internet. It lets a much wider range of people build software and web content, which works against monopolizing technology giants. This cryptocurrency is backed by many investors in the trading space, making it a preferred choice for people looking to invest in newer cryptocurrencies. Well-known investors like Pollychain Capital, Aspect Ventures, Eterna Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and Amino capital help gain the confidence of the new-age traders and beginners are looking to start their trading journey with newer tokens available in the cryptocurrency trade. Experienced traders investing in bigger crypto tokens are also looking to invest and back up this new currency as the market trend. The surge in cryptocurrency prices is largely unexpected. The current market flow favors Internet Computer, helping it gain a lot of attention and momentum to pick up its prices in the market. It was launched amid the hype on dogecoin, unconventional crypto, which helps in gaining a lot of attention among traders. It is early to say whether the trend will continue and the prices will grow higher as the currency is just a few days old, but the future looks bright.