Ethereum founder donates cryptocurrency worth Billions to India amid Pandemic.

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the popular cryptocurrency “Ethereum” has donated more than $1 Billion in cryptocurrency to the India coronavirus help asset and a scope of different causes. Buterin donated by depositing a massive number of dog-themed tokens, which were gifted to him as a gesture of respect by the founders of Shiba Inu coin, Doglon, and Akita Inu. Buterin donated 50 trillion shib tokens amounting to $1.2 billion on May 12 in the COVID relief fund of India in a single transaction and donated approximately $600,000 last month to various non-profit organizations across the globe.

The Ethereum’s co-founder, Buterin, at the age of 27 has become the youngest cryptocurrency billionaire at the beginning of this month. He also transferred the Ethereum and Dogelon mars worth $336 million to another non-profit foundation, supporting the efforts in regenerative medicine therapies. It is a prominent non-profit organization that works to cure the best charities from all over the world. Buterin also donated to the Bitcoin community named charter cities institute and Miri.

Indian technology entrepreneur Sandeep Nailwal, who is also the Chief operating officer and co-founder of the crypto organization polygon, played a significant role in structuring the relief fund. The donation of Ethereum’s creator for India encouraged panic between the investors and contributing more than 35%, resulting in a fall in the Shiba’s price on Wednesday, May 12, and the values continue to vary. Shiba Inu, the dog, breed now popular as the token cryptocurrency and now known by the name of SHIB and Dogelon mars, are some other meme cryptocurrencies, Buterin donates on Wednesday.

Many cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of popularity in recent months, with Dogecoin leading the chain, which is continuously on the rise due to multiple factors, including constant tweets by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Cryptocurrency trades have considerably increased in the last few months, with millions of new users joining the trade each day. With the rise in the number of traders, there is a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from. With over 9000 registered cryptocurrencies, traders have an excellent chance to invest in potential gainers. One such cryptocurrency, Shib, was created as a joke after seeing the success of dogecoin. The management of funding has decided that all donations will be converted over a short period, and the relief fund donated by Vitalik Buterin has been used previously to send some medical supplies and oxygen cylinder to Indian hospitals”. It plans to perform a reflective settlement to meet its objectives shortly.