U.S. Sports Team Golden State Warriors Unveils its NFT

Today, the Golden State Warriors introduced a new NFT (non-fungible token) collection, becoming the first team in U.S. professional sports to unveil their own officially licensed NFTs. The collection was developed to celebrate the team’s six NBA championships. The collection will emphasize the warrior’s six NBA championship wins, particularly the rings. Additionally, each ring will be digitally reproduced in limited quantities with the coveted first editions to involve a physical version of the ring. Jewellery artist of Beverly Hills, Jason, will do custom designs and even a fitting.

The auction will also involve a compilation of special ticket stubs, each hand-illustrated by artist Black Madre. The same artist who developed the Joe Dimaggio NFT earlier this month. Each stub is designed to celebrate events varying from the first game in 1946 to the first game in their new arena when they were the Philadelphia Warriors. Moreover, another piece will acknowledge the famous 2007 “We Believe” playoff run where GS knocked the top-seeded Mavericks in the first round of the NBA postseason.

Golden State Warriors to Offer NFT Sale Gains to Warriors Community Foundation

Furthermore, the warriors have generated a special edition Warriors Golden Ticket NFT combining 75 years of memorable franchise moments into a one-of-one ticket stub NFT. Its design consolidates all six of the team’s championship rings into a unique exclusive piece. The winner will be the only person across the globe to own this bedazzled piece of history. The auction rules elucidate that bidding needs a MetaMask Wallet and an OpenSea account. Bidders can only employ ethereum (ETH).

The Golden State Warriors contends that the gains from the auction, which terminates this Saturday, will support Warriors Community Foundation. This organization helps education and youth development to promote flourishing schools, students, and communities. The NBA (National Basketball Association) has already ventured into the NFT space with its internationally famous NBA Top Shot. Over $547 million worth of transactions have already happened on NBA Top Shot. The NFTs traded on Top Shot are digital basketball cards that highlight memorable moments from NBA history.

NFTs have been gaining quite popularity in all sectors. In the past few months, people have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars on these digital assets, such as the “Disaster Girl” meme and digital art like one from the well-known artist Beeple, which traded for $70 million. Several athletes have also started their own NFT collections. It involves Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady and his teammate Rob Gronkowski and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Francis Ngannou.