Coinbase Delisting Sidetracked as German Stock Exchange Begins Trading

The reported delisting of U.S.-based Coinbase shares from the German Deutsche Borse exchange seems to be deflected. On Wednesday, the platform revealed that Coinbase would be delisted from the Xetra and Frankfurt stock exchange this week after finding that the crypto exchange had not provided adequate reference data for its shares. The removal date was initially scheduled for Friday at the close of the day’s trading session.

As reported before, the LEI or Legal Entity Identifier code is necessary for firms administering financial transactions. The stock exchange operator declared that the mix-up came down to an administrative mistake, amid which Coinbase provided the incorrect reference code by mistake. Deutsche Borse declared on Thursday that Coinbase had since furnished it with an official LEI code and that the shares would proceed to trade on its two platforms undisturbed. Moreover, Coinbase spent no time presenting the relevant documentation, with the situation settled in less than 24 hours. 

Coinbase’s Investors Made Profit in Billions

Furthermore, Coinbase created history on April 14, 2021, by becoming the first digital currency exchange to list its shares publicly. After an explosive launch, the price of COIN has dropped sharply in the last three trading sessions. In the run-up to the stock’s appearance, COIN’s reference price was fixed at $250, with the price rising to approximately $430 following the shares started trading on April 14. At the time of writing, COIN’s value is $308, having dropped 1.1% in the last 24 hours. Nevertheless, Coinbase’s most prominent investors, involving Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square and Ribbit Capital, have already gathered billions in profits. 

Notwithstanding initial volatility, various people in the crypto industry consider that a public-traded Coinbase could fill the gap between conventional finance and digital assets. This could be a blessing to digital assets like bitcoin, ether, and others which have observed a steady inflow of institutional investors. However, it is not sufficient to transform the mainstream’s perception of cryptos.

Moreover, Coinbase has been in the headlines for a while now. It has declared a new project directed at improving innovation in the developing blockchain industry. Project 10 Percent will witness Coinbase redirect 10% of its resources to promoting innovative ideas in the company. The project is being introduced internally by proposing Coinbase employees finish a two-page submission regarding their potential ideas, accompanied by a pitch-off style event annually.