Strive Bank Introduces Child-focused Cryptocurrency Piggy Bank

Strive, the UK-based administrator of a youth account for kids, has launched the world’s first child-friendly physical piggy bank connected to crypto wallets. Strive has introduced an interactive piggy bank, which shows the goals, child’s balance, chores, and the collected rewards. It is named Penny the Pig. The bank began last winter following the acquisition of GoSave Strive, was produced to educate children on the importance of finances.

The new product shows the contents of a child’s crypto wallet to their parents. Moreover, pocket money can be received in this wallet. They also provide a chores function where parents can establish goals and rewards for their kids to bestow them to accumulate money over time. Strive advocated that it has launched a new crypto-based app and digital piggy bank, Penny The Pig. Additionally, it is accessible for children aged five and above. This will help in proceeding with their long-term goal of teaching kids about responsible money habits and investments.

Strive’s Penny, The Pig is Valued at US$149

Strive’s app and hardware integration reveals any crypto wallet balance on the piggy bank. At the same time, parents can employ the app to schedule crypto payments, like pocket money, and observe their child’s digital transactions. Moreover, the app and the devices are all bound with 256K encryption, preserving users data. Penny, the Pig, is valued at US$149 each and are now in high demand. Moreover, people can pre-order their piggy bank on The next step will include introducing a piggy bank mining edition intended to mine Bitcoin and other cryptos.

As per the co-founder and CEO of Strive, Andrew Birt, while various people are already evaluating the dynamic world of crypto, banks will play a vital role in providing children with financial literacy skills and promoting responsible learning. He further says that this is why Strive developed the piggy bank to provide everyone with a simple, secure, and accountable way to examine the crypto space and know about the future of money.

This latest addition to Strives product series provides them with an edge over their opponents. In enhancement to cryptocurrencies, Strive’s series of products comprises a marketplace for limited edition digital assets, rare educational NFTs and collectible physical toys called TopMinds, to be issued later this month. Strive bank isn’t the first one in the crypto world to concentrate on children and their development. The Binance Charity Foundation allows consumers of their platform to donate BNB (Binance Coin) to support feeding kids in various African Countries.