U.S. Filmmaker to Sell A Horror Movie as an NFT

The leading U.S. Filmmaker, Kevin Smith, is ready to release his latest horror anthology movie “Killroy Was Here” as an NFT (non-fungible token). Smith will auction his artwork on the recently established Jay and Silent Bob’s crypto studio marketplace. It is an independent crypto gallery with its dedicated web address. “Killroy Was Here” is based on the graffiti displaying a bald long-nosed man popularized throughout Worl War II. The film was listed for a theatrical release in 2020. However, it was delayed to this year.

 The movie is now being traded as an NFT, and whoever acquires it will receive the rights to showcase, distribute, and stream the film. The buyer may additionally have this movie to himself or herself as a complete purchase. Smith is joining hands with Semkhor media and tech firm to create and administer the NFTs. The rights over the film “Killroy Was Here” will be auctioned as an NFT, a unique data piece with a single owner. This indicates that the movie buyer will inhibit the rights to benefit from it in any form they seem right. “Killroy Was Here” can be purchased by anyone on the NFT marketplace.

 The Preview of the Movie will be Auctioned as NFT.

 Besides, Smith has also declared an expansion of the cinematic View Askewniverse. Smith’s fictional universe highlights various films, comics, and a television series into the Cryptoverse, with Jay and Silent Bob’s Crypto Studio’s launch. Moreover, items will be made obtainable in monthly drops to utilize several colored Smokin’ Tokens, with pieces such as a Killroy teaser NFT showcasing a 3D comic book accessible in the first drop. The exclusive Platinum Token grants the beneficiary a Crypto Cameo in Smith’s next film, Clerks III.

This experiment of auctioning the film as an NFT can possibly open the opportunity for indie productions to avoid regular movie studios altogether, shifting solely to an online space where cryptocurrency and NFTs are ever more common. Meanwhile, “Killroy Was Here” is not yet open for auction on the Crypto Studio. A preview for the movie will be traded as NFT beginning this April 21. A Platinum Token will also be planted amongst the movie’s previews. The film buyer could determine never to copy and distribute it, making it a movie only a single person will be capable of watching.