Sacramento Kings Player's to Get Payments in Bitcoin

The Sacramento Kings plan to become the first significant sports franchise to provide a bitcoin payment option to its players and staff. The world’s largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin, proceeds to dive deeper into the NBA (National Basketball Association) as the Sacramento Kings come in support of the leading crypto. Vivek Ranadivé, the team’s chairman and CEO, notified earlier in a Clubhouse appearance that everyone in the organization could soon get their salaries in BTC. The official statement should release in the next few days. However, the chairman has already presented his plans via the famous app Clubhouse.

Established in Sacramento, California, the Sacramento Kings are an American professional basketball team and a Western Conference Pacific Division member. In a current Clubhouse appearance, Vivek Ranadivé declared another significant milestone in connection to the leading cryptocurrency. He elucidated that all employees in the association will have an option to choose if they would want to receive their salaries in BTC rather than the dollar.

Sacramento Kings have been a long supporter of bitcoin. In 2014, Sacramento Kings associated with BitPay declared that the public can now pay with BTC for items acquired in their team stores. Ranadivé illustrated that when he told the NBA to put his team in Sacramento, part of his inclination was to utilize sports as a means to promote the technology. He admitted that with Bitcoin payment, fans can now manage to leave their wallets back.

Sacramento Kings to Link Sports and Cryptocurrencies

Sports players receiving part of their salary in Bitcoin has also been a topic of discussion in 2021. Carolina Panthers’ aggressive tackle Russel Okung earlier declared that he was receiving half of his $13 million salaries in Bitcoin in December 2020. However, it has now been revealed that Russel Okung isn’t getting his salary in BTC. However, he has been converting it himself. We await to see how Sacramento Kings will bridge sports and cryptocurrency. 

Furthermore, with the increasing adoption of bitcoin by various organizations, PayPal is also offering bitcoin services like custodial service for payment and promotional service. Earlier in the year, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, had proclaimed that consumers can now acquire Tesla cars for bitcoin. The Clubhouse offers Bitcoin practitioners an opportunity to engage in a significant and fruitful conversation about Bitcoin and digital assets. The CEO of Microstrategy participated in Clubhouse and consumed approximately one hour replying to questions from bitcoin proponents.