New York Launches Covid-19 Passport Excelsior Pass

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of NY, announced the launch of Excelsior Pass. It is a blockchain-powered COVID-19 passport. It will be active across the state starting from April 2, 2020. Additionally, the Excelsior Pass is accessible for Android and iPhone users. It acts as a mobile airline boarding pass. Additionally, the app provides individuals with a digital pass with a secure QR code, which they can take a print out or store on their gadgets employing the Excelsior Pass Wallet app. Moreover, the New Yorkers can use the pass to confirm their Covid-19 status to gain entry to prominent stadiums and arenas, wedding receptions, and other events above the social gathering limit. 

The Covid-19 passport is developed on IBM’s blockchain-based Digital Health Pass, facilitating a user’s identity, vaccination history, and test results to be documented and securely administered without exposing irrelevant personal data. Further, the Excelsior Pass will be accepted at various events, arts and entertainment venues statewide. It already allows people to expand the capacity of a wedding party or other provisioned event. Moreover, the state of New York fully subsidized the blockchain COVID-19 pass. Therefore, it is provided for free use by willingly associating businesses.

Blockchain-Powered Excelsior Pass Will be Accessible in Selected Areas of New York Initially

The substantial venues that will embrace the blockchain COVID-19 pass involve the Madison Square Garden and the Times Union Center in the state’s capital, Albany. Presently, however, only venues with a 10,000 person space will open up, and a 10% limit is still applicable, as does social distancing stratagems, mask-wearing, and temperature-taking. Moreover, the state offers a specific link for businesses that want to promote its use; however, it is opt-in. This will undoubtedly be a blessing for small shops and restaurants running their entry points, or it might just drive to a group of civil liberties problems. 

Moreover, the governor opines that the Excelsior Pass operated well when the state trialled it out through the initial pilot phase during the Nets game at Barclays at the end of February. The pass was also trialled a second time during a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. Furthermore, New York will become the first state to precede COVID-19 passports. Additionally, it will accelerate the commercial reopening of concerts, sports events, wedding receptions, theatres, and other catered affairs. We await to see how the blockchain-powered Covid-19 passport turns out in New York, and its scope worldwide.